Creating Beauty in the Bedroom


How to implement design and décor

The bedroom is our haven, sometimes it’s the only place to go where we can truly be alone. It’s certainly a comfortable place to be, perfect for shutting down after work or going to bed at night. So why wouldn’t we want this important room to appeal to all of our senses? We can customize the décor to our personal tastes. Or is your idea of decorating stripping off your work clothes, tossing them and letting them land where they may?

It seems that it’s the priority of folks to put most of their attention into decorating the living room or kitchen, going as far as to neglect the bedroom. But if you stop to consider that you spend a full third of your life in the room that you sleep, you might recognize the value of doing it up to your personal specs, making it feel homey. That’s why we wanted to share some easy ideas you could take advantage of to help you decorate with efficiency and style!

First, you want to give yourself space to breathe. Don’t overwhelm the room with large furnishings. Carefully choose furniture that is to or a little under the scale of the room, so it fits without being overbearing and cumbersome. You’ll want a nice ideally-sized bedside table (or two), but consider your needs and decide.simple-bedroom-decor

What type of storage do you need? Will you need room for both hanging and folded clothes? Does your closet offer enough space – for your shoes, for instance? There are many options to consider, you can even create a makeshift closet by sectioning off part of the bedroom (use drapes or a freestanding screen).

Make an effort to be efficient with how you arrange things. The furniture, for instance, organize them in a manner that best maximizes space. Typically, it’s preferable to have the head of the bed facing the doorways, but ultimately you’ll want to recognize the traffic patterns in the room and work around them.simple-bedroom-decor

You’re a thrifty buyer, and that’s great. There are some things that are grossly overpriced just because of their name-brands – you’ll get comparable quality for much cheaper. However, be aware that there are areas that you just can’t skimp on, like your mattress, simple-bedroom-decorpillows and sheets. These are things you want to last and the quality is noticeable. They promote good sleep and don’t cause neck and back pain like some cheaper variety might be responsible for. The science is so advanced you can find high quality mattresses and pillows that are designed around your sleeping patterns. And since you sleep over and under sheets every night, you may as well make them as comfortable as possible. Choose 100% cotton ones that have a high thread count.

Another detail you don’t want to take for granted is the color of the room. There are variables to be aware of. For instance, if you are a morning person, you’ll most appreciate a lighter color scheme. If you’re more of a night person, you’ll naturally prefer a darker color palette. Of course, the bedding and fabrics will add to the chosen theme. Vibrant curtains will lively up the room as will an upholstered headboard. If your walls are a neutral color and you rent, you are probably prohibited from painting them. But if that’s not an issue, and you are to paint the walls, purchase your bedding first. It’s a lot easier to match paint to them than vice versa. And you can even establish a color scheme via a painted piece of furniture that can serve as a focal point. In this case, obviously, choose wisely!

Outside of a single light source, have you thought about lighting options for the bedroom? Sure, you’ve got your overhead lighting, but add bedside and other task-specific lights as well. If you have certain spots for reading or makeup application, brighten those areas too. A perfect adjustable complement to the lighting scheme is a dimmer. Install one and you can go from dim and relaxed to bright and urgent in a seconds notice. And be mindful of your surfaces, mirrored or glossy furnishings can help promote light colors or tone things down when the desired theme is dark. In that case, you may want to budget for light blocking shades or blinds.simple-bedroom-decor

What accessories are you going to bring in? You can toss some decorative pillows or throw blankets around, and if you have a hardwood floor a rug will provide an appreciated sense of warmth. Artwork on the wall can provide a really nice touch. Photos atop your dresser, a memento attractively displayed, an antique clock – these make up the personal special touches of a tastefully designed bedroom. Be creative and enjoy!


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