Kitchen Traits of the Rich and Famous


Common aspects of luxury kitchens

No matter how much money we have, we’re still all the same. We eat and breathe… we laugh and cry, we buy stuff… And no matter where we reside, the kitchens are most often the center of our living experience. We prepare food, eat and socialize there. Although most kitchens generally feature the same appliances – a refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker and garbage disposal – all kitchens are NOT created equal. The nicer high-end kitchens can be enough to motivate you with the ambition to have one of your own.

luxury-kitchen2Sure, just like passing trends and changing styles, the traits of a high-end kitchen have evolved as well. But something that has not changed is a homeowner’s expectation that such a kitchen will not just be adequate, it will exceed their satisfaction. Such gratification is achieved by the implementation of several attributes (pay attention, they all aren’t necessarily inherent to the rich and famous only, you may be able to work these points into your own kitchen). But in the luxury market, a kitchen fully loaded with the latest and greatest appliances and gadgets has a greater chance of attracting interest.

Imagine having multiple chefs cater private dinners at your home using a kitchen stocked with refrigerators of different configurations, dishwashers (yes, more than one), and, of course, an industrial ice maker. Meanwhile, a six-burner commercial grade range has a barbecue that vents outside. There may also be a butler’s pantry, or secondary kitchen. It’s so spacious it can be used for catering large events.


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No swank kitchen is complete without a glossy lavish countertop or two. Whether they’re made of concrete, granite, quartz or Corian, the varying cost isn’t really the issue – the most expensive isn’t always chosen. All varieties are attractive and have something to offer. Of course, in a grand scale kitchen, a giant counter made of pricey marble may be prominent, or more uniquely, of the equally lavish lava stone. The selection will extend to another aspect of the high-end – a large kitchen island. It is an awesome accommodation for friends to sit comfortably and converse. It’s a must for entertaining; food can be prepared while chatting over a glass of wine.


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Of course a gathering of any kind, from a cozy dinner for two to a massive party, will require proper lighting. Naturally, the style of lighting matters, as does its intended effects. Neon light can offer broad and unique illumination. LED lighting is quite popular, particularly in the newer linear suspension designs. Some homes employ delicate gold leaf pendant lighting that can serve to tastefully offset the illumination from wide ceiling lights. Designer light fixtures, wall lights, and a wild array of chandeliers are all hallmarks of the elite kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Design in Murray, KY

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Other visually important elements with instant impact are the kitchen cabinets. In truth, they practically have the power to ‘make’ or ‘break’ a kitchen. In the top kitchens the best materials, styles and hardware are selected for maximum effect. It’s not just the finest wood species, like American Walnut or Cherry wood, but the highest grade of them as well. “Hipsters” will likely employ the euro-style flat panel surface, while the average well-to-do homeowners may prefer an embellished shaker style.


Of course, large walk-in pantries will be found. With an ongoing number of gatherings comes the responsibility of feeding many people. You need to store food and supplies somewhere and the pantries are the ideal spot (obviously). Everything is organized behind a door and out of sight, allowing the capacity to maintain massive stock. Plus it would probably be naïve to think that for a class generously peppered with the likes of the Kardashians (known for wild behavior) hideaways like these wouldn’t be taken advantage of for a variety of other reasons during a social affair.

luxury-kitchen4Oh, and gorgeous wood floors. Sure, ceramic floors once dominated the elite scene but time has revealed that the modern successful homeowner enjoys hardwood floors just as much. Even so, certain ceramics maintain an advantage – accidental spills matter little but on a wood floor there can be varying adverse effect. And accommodating the heights of comfort, heated ceramic tiles keep feet warm on those unbearably cold mornings. Ah – toasty!


Is it possible to live this large without a kitchen doorway that leads to the wine cellar? Of course not! For greater convenience the wines of the week can be stocked nearby in a wine fridge. Unlike an ice-cold refrigerator, a wine fridge keeps your wines at optimal temperature, preserving the life and flavor of the beverage. Half or full size models are the perfect accoutrement for entertaining. It doesn’t matter if it accommodates a serious collector or a serious casual drinker, just having one is a must!


And finally there’s the array of bonus features. The most prevalent stand-outs of a luxury kitchen are open layouts, avant-garde appliances, and smart home technology that allow owners to control their homes via a singular screened device. Other spectacular features include in-wall cappuccino-makers, wine-pouring mechanisms that operate similarly to soda machines, warming and refrigerating drawers (to keep food hot and cold, respectively), and other gadgets that are currently reserved for the wealthy.  

It’s the lifestyle of the rich and famous, a dazzling collection of luxuries, technology and practicality combined to create the most lavish kitchens in the world!




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