What your bathroom color says about you



This is often considered the default color for many bathrooms to the point where it’s almost expected even if you acquire a new home. Since the point of a bathroom is for us to clean ourselves, a white bathroom immediately displays any dirt or discoloration. A white bathroom says that you think of this bathroom as purely functional: In there to do your business and get out. If the bathroom could be self-cleaning, that would be a plus!


Blue bathrooms are a sign of those who want to give equal weight to designing their bathroom as they would with any other space like their living room or bedroom. You have a connection to water and could emphasize this in either decoration or attention to the sink, shower or bathtub; not necessarily making them blue, but making them less generic and more detailed. You are looking for calm when you use the bathroom space, sometimes it will be a place for you to think.


Red bathrooms are often found in nightclubs and luxurious places often denotes that they want others to think of them as both sophisticated and bold. While people associate red with the color of passion and therefore and it’s easy to interpret this as a symbol for extroverts, but those who are shy and quiet have a rich, inner creative life and express themselves through subtle but meaningful ways. People with these bathrooms are risk takers, although not necessarily rebellious… but they can be.


Yellow bathrooms represent a need for brightness. Going to the bathroom with a yellow palette will give you a quick pick me up, possibly to counter a lack of sleep or a bit of a foul mood. It may also mean that you want to get that bit of brightness privately without having to rely on someone else to cheer you up.


Green bathrooms represent an innate connection that you have with nature or the outdoors; you most likely have accented your bathroom with plants, wood, or natural fibers. Those with green bathrooms are looking for more grounding, using your bathroom is a way for you to prepare yourself for the day. You may also think of being outside in the warm rain as nature’s shower.


Those with purple bathrooms are innately concerned about status. Traditionally, purple was the color for royalty because to produce that color required rare dyes, so you have a tendency to project yourself in a way that stands out without being brash or gauche. You are more likely to be well-read and you might also have a tendency to correct others even when it is not needed.


Those with black bathrooms want to give off the impression of being elegant and sophisticated and are very much concerned about the opinions of others. More concerned about the veneer of things, if no one else can see anything is wrong, there’s very little reason to deal with it until it becomes a problem. However, even though there is an effort to keep up appearances, you are more likely to be very hospitable to your guests and friends.


Gray bathrooms (or grey bathrooms) are often found in homes that appreciate things that are classic and traditional. Trends may come and go but certain styles will last a lifetime. These people look towards the long term and will often take their time to make opinions, carefully considering all their options. They also want to avoid distractions in any decisions.


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