14 Tips to Get Perfect Rug for Your Dining Room


A dining area may be an official space which you utilize for visitors, or it may be a social area in which your family meets to eat.

One of the best ways to define the space in your dining room is through a dining room rug. Rugs are out there in the market in a wide range to choose from, and picking the perfect one for your dining area can be a daunting task. Below, are great 15 tips to help you pick the best rug for your dining room.

Consider the Size

Size is significant when selecting a dining room rug. You will only waste time if you visit the store and then try to remember the size of the room for which you are buying the rug.
Never go by guesses as this may, in the long run, be expensive and cumbersome. Before going on a shopping trip for the dining rugs, you should make an estimate of the area that has to be covered by the rug. Do keep in mind that there is a difference between placing a rug and carpeting your floors. Make sure that you leave a border of floor around the dining rug while taking measurements. You need to make room for a range dining room rug sizes, and this will happen when you allow a broad border.

Additionally, the rug should be large enough to accommodate the table and chairs, even when the chairs are pulled out with people sitting in them. When it comes to dining room rug size, it’s also important to note that if you find it difficult to get a rug in the exact size you want, pick up a slightly larger one as this will give you enhanced flexibility with placement of furniture.

If the space is really large, it is recommended to choose more than one rug. Most rugs come in the general sizes of 2×4, 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, 5×8, 6×8, 6×9, 7×10, 8×11, 9×12, 10×13, 12×14 and runners are usually 30 inches wide and in varying lengths. A quick rule of thumb for finding the right size rug is that a table with 4 chairs needs a 6 foot by 9-foot to accommodate it. However, tables differ radically in size, so it is a smart thought to measure the table and seats and the size of the room, and have that information close by at the dining room rug dealer showroom.

Decoration Needs

In the wake of deciding the base area rug size, home decorators might need to think about the most extreme ideal size for their space. If a room is honored with hardwood floors, picking a little rug will permit a greater amount of the wood floor to shine. However, if the dining area has one end to the other covering, an area rug can be stretched out nearly to the dividers, contingent upon individual inclination and the state of the covering. Because of these specific considerations, exclusively sized area rugs can be an advantageous option while decorating a dining room. It is imperative that home decorators get what they need in the size they need!

Design of the Dining Room Rug

While size and composition are the technical considerations of a dining room rug shopping, color and design are other aspects to keep in mind as you choose a contemporary rug for your home. Keep the decor of the room in mind as you choose bold or subtle designs and colors. The rug you choose must exquisitely complement the color scheme and decor of the rest of the room. Some rug shoppers prefer small, intricate designs and bright colors, while others prefer open designs in muted colors. Some dining room rug dealers offer plans where rugs may be taken home on approval.

Amount of Light

If the room is dark with not much natural light streaming in, you can choose bright colored and patterned contemporary rugs to spread cheer.
For such rooms, choosing abstract art in warmer tones is a great idea.

Type of Material

The quality of a dining rug is determined by the materials used in making it. Materials are the basis of the rug that affects its appearance, durability & texture.
Wool is a prominent decision of material for high-quality rugs. Its durability and flexibility furnish the rug with dependable endurance to wear and tear. Another common material utilized is cotton; it is typically utilized with wool to make a cotton-wool mix that costs lesser than an unadulterated wool tangle. Silk is famously utilized in Persian rugs and other high-quality rugs of the Oriental origins. Utilization of this fiber with other material provides a gleaming shine to the rug. Sisal, jute, seagrass and bamboo filaments, which are plant strands, are typically mixed with different materials to make great quality, durable rugs that come at a lower cost than silk, wool and cotton rugs.

Shape Is Crucial

The shape is a vital factor when picking out the right area rug. Square & rectangular-shaped rugs are among the most popular. Usually, as a rule, one chooses the shape of the rug according to the shape of the dining room one plans to install the rug on. A rectangular dining room would need a rectangular rug to complement it, a circular rug to go with a round room, etc. A long rectangular rug called long runners for example normally is used in hallways, and one can also go for long rectangular rugs to go with wide dining table.

Style Matters

Style of the rug has to be decided upon beforehand too.
Whatever one’s taste, one can find the right style for his or her room.
One can go for Persian or Oriental that is rich in floral motifs for an urban or metropolitan dining room while still maintaining balance, style, and harmony or one can go contemporary with bold colors and elementary geometric shapes instead to augment the urban motif of the room.
Moreover, your dining room would revolve around a theme and hence when shopping for rugs, make sure that the one you buy matches the theme well.
There’s definitely no problem when it comes to finding a rug to fit a specific theme as there are plenty of options to pick from.
If, for instance, you are looking for a rug that blends with your dining room, then you have to choose one accordingly.
This means, if you do not want your rug to attract attention, then it is essential choosing a solid color rug the tone of which matches the flooring.
If you want a standout design rug, then you can choose from a variety of vibrant colors and stunning designs.

Find a Quality Dealer

One of the most important things that assist tremendously in finding the best type of dining room rug is to find an honest and experienced rug dealer. You will find dealers all over the internet. Be sure that you read customer reviews about a particular dealer before you start a business with that dealer. Reading customer reviews about a dealer will make you able to better evaluate the reputation of that dealer in the market. A good rug dealer will not hesitate in educating you about best rug types, and he/she will feel pleased to provide you necessary information about dining room rugs.


As mentioned before, an ideal rug ought to also be harmonious with your floors. Most people do not realize this importance. They will simply choose a rug whatever they like.
Remember that a rug can also serve as a decoration. It ought to have the suitable size for the flooring. Moreover, the color should complement the floor’s external coloring too.
This way, the material can serve the dual purpose.

The Price of The Dining Room Rug

Another thing to consider is the price. The price of a rug depends upon its material and make. With so many discounts being offered by the manufacturers these days to counter cut-throat competition, affordability for good rugs has increased manifold. The only guiding principle here that works well for everyone is researching well and spending some time comparing prices to get the best quality and inexpensive rugs. The best dining room rugs don’t always need to cost an arm and a leg. The internet is filled with rug dealers offering reasonable prices and reasonable discounts. Some of these virtual retailers do offer quality rugs at very reasonable prices. Shopping online can also be much easier since factors like dimension, style, and design among others are often readily displayed. The bigger the size, the higher the prices will be.


Another aspect to consider as you choose the best dining room rug is the function. Before you venture shopping for dining room rugs, determine the amount of foot traffic the rug will receive. Of course, for the dining room, the rug you choose must be safe and comfortable for even the small kids. Even if you do have small kids, it is imperative to choose rugs that can withstand food spills. If you have pets, it is essential to make sure the rug you choose is made of a low pile material that can endure them. It is recommended busy families with high traffic choose the stain resistant, low pile rugs. If you are looking for a soft texture and enhanced comfort, it is recommended to choose the expensive wool dining room rug.


Once you buy your dining rug and install it, you will need to invest in its upkeep. Like any other home investment, the rug must be maintained in order for you to realize its benefits. Frequent, occasional deep-cleaning, vacuuming & shampooing or dry cleaning will assist sustain the quality of the rug, and assist it to hold its color & aesthetic allure. Additionally, the strength and flexibility of the materials in these rugs make them great for long-term use and should be the top choice for people who are looking for the perfect rug.

Get samples

Be sure to see samples in each room so you can get a better idea of how it will look in the room and how it goes with specific decor.


Many people are hesitant about going in for discount rugs. They feel that such rugs are of inferior quality and are best avoided. Well, if you cannot afford high-quality, expensive rugs for your house, then you might not have any option but to go in for discount rugs. Of course, it is a common misconception that anything that is highly priced is a quality product. There are numerous sellers who purchase material at very low cost from developing countries, transport the same and add huge profit percentage to sell it at the high cost.
Everybody who is a part of the transaction loses except for the seller. If you do not want to make the mistake of spending too much money on your rug, you should definitely consider going in for discount rugs. If you are worried about quality, you can pose specific queries to your seller. Do not make the mistake of asking whether the rug is of good quality or not.

Quality is a subjective, and what is good quality for the seller may not be good quality for you. Instead, you should ask whether there are any defects or flaws in the rug.
This is a specific question that will help you get the right answers.Further, you can inquire about the reason why the rug is being sold as a discount rug. There are numerously genuine and legitimate reasons why the seller might be interested in disposing of a rug as discount rugs. For starters, the stock may not have been sold, and the seller may be worried that the product may become obsolete. If you make bulk purchases, you can easily use this as an excuse to get huge discounts on the rugs. As long as you buy standardized rugs and as long as you are very clear with your requirements, purchasing a large number of rugs in a group will not be a difficult task.


Rugs add texture, color, and warmth to a room and can be used on any kind of flooring. In larger dining rooms, rugs help break the space making it look smaller. In small spaces, rugs add grandeur. There’re several different kinds & categories of rugs to pick from. The above are among the crucial tips which can aid you in picking the precise rug suiting your dining room. Choice of perfect rugs can greatly enhance the ambiance and beauty of your dining room. So, it is imperative to be well prepared with the above-mentioned aspects before you go shopping for dining rugs.Before visiting a particular shop, also find out if the shop is reliable and sell only good quality products.

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