5 Beautiful White Shaker Kitchens

White Shaker Kitchen
When upgrading or remodeling a kitchen you really can’t find anything better or more beautiful than shaker style kitchen cabinets. The kitchen in most homes tends to have a very busy, cluttered look. But when you install shaker kitchen cabinets, with their sleek look and clean lines, they create a more open looking appearance, a classic style that won’t seem dated over time.
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Shaker cabinets were specifically designed to be proudly plain and highly practical, to reflect the distinctive movement in Shaker style furniture. This style of cabinetry fits well many different design concepts, from country to contemporary, bringing harmony to whatever look you’re trying to create in your kitchen. This is why they’ve become so popular over the years.
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Shaker style cabinets most often come with a beautiful natural wood finish that is sometimes stained to create a darker shade while still featuring the natural wood grain and hues. You will also find many modern kitchens with shaker cabinets that have been painted, often in white or gray to give the kitchen a nice open and light feel, which is popular among people with contemporary homes. In modern kitchens, shaker cabinets go well modern hardware, stainless steel appliances and white marble or light-colored stone or granite countertops.
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Shaker styled kitchen cabinets have sleek clean lines with very little adornment or ornamentation. This style blends perfectly with a modern looking kitchen. You can play with the color palette and add steel and glass to make a Shaker kitchen look even more contemporary.

Whatever design you’re seeking to achieve in your kitchen remodel, by installing Shaker cabinets you can’t go wrong. They work well in either a more traditional kitchen or a modern one. They have a stylish sleek look, while offering long-lasting durability.

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