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Accents and Highlights Make the Kitchen

Let us never speak of it again

When considering wallpaper borders, the mind tends to gently wander towards a particular type of easy-paste variety: parades of placid animals, or worse yet processions of the same creatures wearing all kinds of festive hats. The blame for this lies squarely with a decades-old trend in new family nurseries and thematic “country living” aesthetics from which a horrified nation has never truly recovered. We boarded up our windows, crossed ourselves, and swore off the evils of borders.

While wallpaper has been enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity throughout the realm of design in recent years, borders have remained firmly bound in the gravity of their old sins. The reality is that papered walls demand SOME element of trim–particularly those without any form of cornice. Otherwise the sight of wallpaper slamming against a corner will wind up summoning images of waves dashing against rocks, not really desirable in a kitchen or dining space.

Neutral kitchen wallpaper border tying visual theme together

There are some brilliant ways to administer your wallpaper borders without conjuring hokey memories of a bygone era. Mixing modern and traditional styles can evoke a progressive look that transforms your kitchen into an altogether unique region of the home. Style is often better left to ingenuity rather than throwing money at the problem. It’s time to take kitchen wallpaper border ideas back.

Back to Basics: Essentials for Wallpaper Borders

Imbuing a room with some extra wow factor or adding a component to that ties the overall theme together can be as simple as adding wallpaper border. With thousands of designs available online or in local crafts stores, harmonizing your style can be a simple process.

victorian-style-dual-tone-living-room-wallpaper-for-the-ideal-homeVirtually all patterns of wallpaper will be accompanied by borders that coordinate color paths. They’re certainly optional, but they frequently add a much needed finishing touch to things. They also function admirably in the absence of any wallpaper as a two-dimensional chair rail design. An attractive wall border can make all the difference on an otherwise plain expanse within a room you’re remodeling. The extra color will complement your paint choices and draw the eye in directions of your choosing.

Traditionally wallpaper borders are placed horizontally (parallel with your ceiling), but they can add a terrific dividing point if installed alongside a vertical door frame or molding.

Choices with Your Borders

In addition to traditional wallpaper borders that are pasted on, there are also peel and stick wall borders available. These removable borders are ideal for renters and also for use in children’s rooms where design themes may change often. Increasingly popular peel and stick wall phrases can also apply to wall borders. A custom phrase can be ordered and placed around the top of a room for a unique wallpaper border idea.

Check back in next time for more ideas on jazzing up your kitchen space!


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