Choosing Between Paint or Wallpaper for Your Wall Decor Ideas


The pros and cons of using paint vs wallpaper for your home project

PLANNING THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR INTERIOR SPACEwatercolor-geometric-wallpaper-design-for-home-remodel

Interiors are important to the appearance of a home. Furniture and walls are the two main elements that determine the appeal of an interior space. When decorating an interior space, first focus on what will be on your walls. Recently, wallpaper rooms have made a comeback. Depending on what room you’re decorating, there can be endless shades, patterns, and textures available on the market. These wallpapers are especially popular in the kitchen. Also, advances in digital printing have brought down the cost of bespoke designs. In addition to this, custom pictures are now available in wallpaper. When deciding on your walls, pick a color scheme, and if you are in doubt, seek the advice of an interior designer. After all, making the wrong choice can be costly, and you’ll have to look at this mistake for a long time.

There are positives and negatives of employing paint or wallpaper. Factors to consider before a purchase include ease of application, costs, and versatility of space. A room that is too dramatic or strong can be softened and made to feel more airy through the use of light paint colors. On the other hand, a large room can be made to feel more cozy through the use of dark wallpaper that displays a remarkable pattern. Stripes are a classic look, and they can significantly improve the proportions of a room. Horizontal stripes make a room appear wider while vertical stripes give a room the appearance of high ceilings.


If you decide to go with wallpaper, you should know that it is durable. Good quality wallpaper can have a lifespan of up to fifteen years. This is a good thing if you don’t want to decorate constantly. In addition to this, many wallpapers can be wiped clean, and this is suitable for kids and pets. They are also resistant to constant wear and tear; therefore, they will endure bumps and scrapes. On the other hand, paint won’t last as long. If you are a person that likes to change the style of your home often, paint can be the better alternative. Because wallpaper is applied in rows, seams can show up when a wall is painted over. Paint moisture can loosen the wallpaper’s adhesive material, and this will result in parts of the paper bubbling and becoming loose. Also, most wallpaper is textured, and often these patterns will show through the paint. That being said, it is typically recommended to remove wallpaper before attempting to paint over them.Wallpaper-black-and-white-bedroom-mindnumbing-design

Wallpapers can be a godsend for walls that are uneven. Instead of applying plaster, wallpaper can do as much to hide imperfections. However, it is important to consider that in the long run, changing paint is easier than removing wallpaper. If you redecorate often, fixing up imperfect walls is a good idea.

Paint can make a small room appear brighter, bigger, and more airy. In a spacious room, wallpaper can generate a greater level of coziness and make an ambiance feel more familiar. Wallpaper does not work well in rooms with humidity, as is the bathroom. Steam from hot water will cause wallpaper to peel. For this reason, plaster or tiles are the best options for these rooms.


There are several alternatives of wallpaper and paint. If you are searching for a specific shade, it is easier to opt for paint. Also, paint can be mixed to suit your needs. This so that you are able to match colors with ease. Wallpaper is available in various styles, patterns, and shades. Today, digital technology makes it easier to find intricate designs.


In terms of expenses, wallpaper and paint offer a wide range of prices. In general, wallpaper is more pricey. A homeowner must purchase rolls, supplies, and have them installed. On the other hand, paint is cheaper and needs fewer supplies. There are inexpensive options for wallpaper too, especially if you do the installation yourself. Likewise, finishes done with high-end faux paint and textured paint are expensive, and they usually require a professional for its application.


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