From Medieval Kitchen to Modern: Dwell On Design 2018


Medieval Kitchen Makeover Inspired by Dwell On Design 2018

Our staff had a chance to see a handful of exhibits on their way to some of the keynote events at Dwell On Design in Los Angeles this weekend past, and saw some amazing new trends in kitchen design. We wanted to share a thought on taking your medieval kitchen and embellishing it with some industrial concepts–not to fully modernize it, but maybe bring it up to the steam engine era.

Let’s check it out!

This exhibitor, Pandemic Design Studios, had an amazing presentation of lighting that all drew from a common thematic thread. With an incredibly genre feel to them, all of the pieces evoke a sense of Industrial Revolution London in the best way imaginable. We can see pieces like these transforming indoor and outdoor kitchens easily.


One of the greatest aspects of these pieces is virtually impossible to convey in a blog: they had variable light intensity, and you could switch them simply by lightly tapping anywhere on the steel tubing. What could be more useful in a kitchen setting where sometimes your elbows are the only appendages free when you’re in the middle of cooking?

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

When it came to an industrial feel, this Dwell On Design felt like Christmas. The fine designers over at Brown Jordan have come up with a new piece, their ASA-D2 outdoor kitchen unit, to knock our socks off.brown-jordan-stainless-steel-outdoor-kitchen-1-dwell-on-design-2018-los-angeles

With a stainless steel body capable of withstanding rugged conditions, this absolutely beautiful complete outdoor kitchen has it all. Tons of cabinet space as well as prep surface alongside the cooking range provide ample flexibility. It combines a utilitarian look with an amazing centerpiece aesthetic (we love that planter at the end!!!). This really delivers on the “social kitchen” concept for outdoor cooking, and will look great alongside more medieval elements to your setup like wrought iron or dark wood.


Black Window Frames

Rounding off our ideas for implementing an update to an industrial kitchen are incorporating some chic black window frames with appealing flat lines. Exhibitor Kolbe had some terrific (albeit very expensive) automated glass door solutions for high end homes. The visual appeal definitely left its mark on us, though, and accomplishing this look should be much easier if you’re installing static components.


Industrial Kitchens Could Be Coming Up

Everything we saw at the show gave us a strong impression that industrial looks may be on the rise in modern kitchens. We still love the appeal of a handshake aesthetic between medieval and the slightly more modern; mix and match is always fun. But keep on the lookout for more brutal and minimalist design in the near future!

FYI, we weren’t able to check out everything at the show, but we did get a more thorough look at other exhibits through another article’s eyes from this write-up. Have a look!


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