The Versatility of Black Window Frames

Black window frames in living room

What do they mean and do they matter?

There are certain elements of the industrial style that appeals to just about everyone. Such inspired interiors aren’t a great fit for all homes, but they can look pretty magnificent, glass doors and black framesespecially when broken down into certain embellishments. For instance, think of the gothic allure of black window frames and doors. They succeed decoratively in both a contemporary setting and a classic vintage one. They’re perfect for really old homes that can use a touch of flair in their advanced age. There’s almost a certain allure to the unique boldness of black window frames. But could they ever be part of a mainstream trend? They can and they are, currently.

They certainly stand out. Depending on the context and where they are installed they can provide a real sense of dramatic style – perhaps even menace, but you don’t want that (or…?). They will add to the background of the ultra-contemporary or industrial motifs just as well as they can help establish the vibe for elegance in traditional interiors.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, the steady increase in popularity that black window frames are enjoying. Of course black is a very forgiving color, it can blend with nearly any color scheme. It is universal and you can add surrounding accessories accordingly. The truth is (contrary to what you may probably believe), black window frames don’t stand out boldly. In fact if anything, they have a greater tendency to just disappear. People inside may not even notice the frame when looking through the window to the outside. It’s this exact concept that explains why black nets are used on tennis courts. The color becomes invisible. Therefore if your intent is to highlight the windows, black is not recommended.Disappearing black picture frames blending in

In fact, there are a number of reasons that black frames would not be ideal. For instance, in homes where white is the primary color and the atmosphere is light and airy, black black window frames in white roomframes would be obviously out of place. However, some homeowners do like the contrast between the black and white. White works best in open and bright kitchens and dining areas. You’ll also need to be sure that the black frames tie in with the exterior. They can enhance a view by drawing the eye outside. In contrast, white frames tend to frame the view.

It may be important for some to consider that the black color will absorb more heat, which may be good or bad depending on your preferences and circumstances. But if your window faces the west and it gets hot in your home this could be a concern. Instead of having black frames made of the usual aluminum use thermally broken frames instead. They incorporate plastic separators that keep heat from being moved to the external frame, which results in keeping your home cooler.

Choosing black aluminum over the other color choices is an affordable option for renovations or new homes. It also serves to make the windows more elegant and therefore cosmopolitan. Sure you could paint wood frames black, but aluminum will always appear higher-end than painted wood. In fact, it is steel frames that really are the most expensive. For the ultimate in industrial or contemporary aesthetics, it’s got to be blackened steel – if your budget allows, of course.Modern style steel window frames

Steel-framed windows, with their intentionally flawed finish and rustic patina, are the opposite of the perfect gloss of black aluminum. They are textured and pleasing to the eye. The greater durability of steel ensures that it can accommodate large panes of heavy weight. Naturally, steel was originally a frame material out of necessity, in industrial factories early in the previous century. Shortly afterward it made its way into residential architecture. Aluminum changed the game and dominated for decades. It’s only been recently that steel window frames have re-entered the mainstream as a growing trend.

Black window frames may also be included effectively with black trim, fascia and gutters. This may be particularly common on Victorian style homes where it does not compete with other colors but rather complements the brickwork. It’s the brickwork that most homeowners use to help choose the color of their frames. Undoubtedly, it’s the black frames that will best bring out the unique dynamics of the gutters on Victorian home

Black window frames can be used in a wide variety of capacities and as long as people enjoy them, the more likely others will eventually choose them for their homes. It’s a growing trend that doesn’t seem to have reached its peak, but predicting whether or not it will continue would only be speculation – shrouded in blackness.


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