2018 St. Patty’s Day Decorations for U or Your U Shaped Kitchen


Inexpensive Options to Get Your U Shaped Kitchen in the Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

Well past the threshold of spring and (hopefully!) having put all of our Valentine’s Day decorations away for another year, we are already confronted with a looming St. Patrick’s Day to decorate our u shaped kitchen with. It doesn’t have to be a time consuming or expensive process–just take our cue from some simple and fun ideas, and your kitchen will soon have a vibrant theme that you can enjoy all month long.

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Shamrock Straw Toppers

Looking for a pretty quick and very festive DIY craft concept for the Irish holiday? We have you covered. With a tip of the hat to the good fortune of St. Patty’s, you and the family can create your own luck with some fun leprechaun-inspired straw toppers in the shape of four-leaf-clovers. They’re not only fun for the kids to make, but they can make for a great place setting when you’re entertaining along with a sweet after school snack the kids will love.

This DIY decoration rates really well on the Easy scale and is also pretty fast. Your quick list of items to make it are as follows:

  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch
  • Glass bottle or mason jar
  • Some green or green striped bendy straws
  • Green food coloring (or lime flavored Kool-aid if these are doubling as after school snacks for the kids)
  • Green construction paper
  • Extra tip: Some optional chalkboard labels can make it more fun by adding names or festive Irish messages to the sides

Putting these together is a cinch. For assembly, just cut out the four leaf clovers from your green construction paper with scissors. If you need a template, you can always print out this article for the image below:four-leaf-clover-template-cutout-printout

Once you have your cut-out, use your single hole punch to cut a hole in the center. If you haven’t got access to a hole punch, you can fold the clover in half temporarily and cut out a small diamond in its center with 2 scissor cuts at angles. Next put your bendy straw through the hole and place the long end of the straw into your bottle or mason jar that has dyed water or Kool-aid in it. Done! Some great treats wait on the counter of your u shaped kitchen.

Leprechaun Treat Bucket


This one is a real blast because it’s always sure to make the kids laugh. The idea is that a leprechaun is hiding in the shape of a little bucket filled with his gold coins! You can put some chocolate gold coins inside or plastic decorative ones but we prefer the real treats.

Putting this together is as easy as it gets, though it does require a bit of specific purchasing:

  • Gold chocolate coins or gold plastic decorative coins (you might be able to find these in your local grocery store)
  • A little white treat bucket from your local dollar store, or even a large white mug works
  • You can pick up a green mustache sticker from most hobby stores around this time of year, but you can also get some green butcher paper to cut one out yourself in the general shape. If you go that route, why not have extra fun doing a few different mustache styles for different cups! Just use double-sided tape to add it to the cup.

With your supplies in hand, this one can be done in seconds. Just pour your gold coins into the bucket/mug and attach your mustache sticker or taped paper onto the side. It’s a hiding leprechaun in the kitchen!

Foolproof Pinch Defender

At work, at home, or on the playground nobody likes to get pinched on St. Patty’s Day, do they? We came up with a great little shield that should protect you and your loved ones from being caught without a bit of green even if a uniform or the wardrobe of the day wouldn’t permit it.st-patricks-day-pinch-protector-decoration-cup

Making these is very easy, and the white mugs or treat buckets we mentioned for last item still work here just fine:

  • Some green marker
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Optional extra: Glue + some green glitter
  • White treat bucket/large mug

Just use your marker to liberally cover your clothespins in green. Get them as green as you can, these are your shields! Then if you want to add some glitter, just apply a bit of glue without going overboard to put a bit at the end. Now you can clip these on to the leprechaun treat buckets on your u shaped kitchen counter for easy access to your kids heading off to school. Your pinch protectors are ready, kids!


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