3 Cheap Wall Decorations to Spruce up Your L Shaped Kitchen

L Shaped Kitchen Decorations

Keeping Kitchen Decor DIY Simple

Wall decorations are in vogue when it comes to adding some visual flair and life to the kitchen. L shaped kitchens in particular can benefit from this since typically everything you put on the two walls opposite from the cabinets will be visible to a greater or lesser degree from the entrance. In a smaller kitchen where space is at a premium and you may not have much room to personalize, some inexpensive wall decorations can really leave your mark. Similarly, in a larger L shaped or galley kitchen, a few well placed decorations can be eye-catching to pass-through foot traffic.

CD Case Wall ArtCD Case Wall Art

The golden era of the CD format is long past as we all move on to streaming or digital storage solutions for our music. This leaves the vast majority of us with hoards of aging CD jewel cases which can’t even pass as serviceable coasters. Any opportunity to make use of a bunch of them (and take a dent out of the pile threatening to avalanche every time we open our broom closet), the better.

Printing out a large piece of art, then cutting out it to match the dimensions of your jewel cases / space between them can yield some very hip results. Just make sure that you measure properly before you get to cutting. Remember the old adage: Measure twice, cut once.

Paint-free Artwork

What you need: Blank canvas, textured thread, and one foot starched linen fabric. Cut the fabric into the shapes of small or moderately sized leaves, With the leaves cut out, slit small holes into their centers such that you will be able to slide them onto the linen string so that they appear to be a flock of birds. Then start running the linen across the canvas at odd angles anywhere from 10-20 times, running a leaf onto the string with each pass. When you’re satisfied with the look, simply cut off the end of the thread.Only a handful of supplies gets you a very cool piece of art

Framed Wallpaper Pieces

Framed Wallpaper in Dining Room

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of beautiful new wallpapers coming out. It’s a new renaissance for ornate wall patterns, and there are some really great ways to capitalize on it in the kitchen. You don’t need to do the entire wall, though– using molding as a frame or simply framing with more conventional options, you can present a small window into a more disordered artistic universe using a wallpaper sample.

You’ll need to determine what pattern or imagery best suits the space. Then it’s as easy as mounting the wallpaper onto a cardboard backing and tacking that onto the back of a frame. Elsie at A Beautiful Mess provides a great list of wallpaper sources for you to easily browse and find one you’ll love. If you’re not interested in going so far as framing, you can also just place the piece on the wall similar to a fabric stretched over canvas. Frameless art has its place, too!


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