A Dream of Kitchen Bliss


Poetic tips for an enchanting kitchen

Too often, kitchens are sterile environments devoid of any personality. A generic space may be preferred in professional environments, but when it comes to your home, your own, a magical opportunity presents itself. Like a wizard, you have the ability to transform your kitchen into a wonderland. You can create a serene room full of the happy vibes essential for the world to thrive!


You may start by casting a spell with the natural touches that are loved so well.

Warm the coldness of metal and sheen by adding relics of a rustic theme.

Trade any drab gray for colors and textures that brighten the day.

Add lots of wood – tables, chairs and stools – for the warmer good.

Spoons in a crock make for a tasty stock.

Woven baskets made with care, beloved craftsmanship they share.

The right color for the room may resist any gloom.

Whites and greens keep spirits clean, soothing yellows help us mellow.

Aim for a calm place where one may forget the world’s pace.

Feng shui is a fine way.

Shall a tablecloth flow to the rhythm of an afternoon breeze?

Napkins of fine design may intertwine.

Cloth window shades will soften the sun’s gaze.

While a rug on the floor wishes to soar, covers upon a chair bid a cozy affair.

Substitute sharp with round and no wounds will be found.

Hang a product of an artist’s trade and a deal with reverie is made.

Pottery upon the shelf boasts of native wealth.

And never forget the green – the beauty of life is anywhere plants are seen.

And if it is true – laughter is good for you –

Throw some fun into the mix, add a chalkboard, wine rack, tricks…

‘Tis your kitchen, after all, and your good will to befall…


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