Truth in Renovation


Be practical in your remodel and get to the heart of the matter before you start

Before you unleash any sort of demolition, you must have a clear vision of what your remodel will encompass. Speak with your collaborator (architect/designer/builder) about how to make your endeavor as efficient as possible. The more details you iron-out before you proceed, the better you will benefit in the end. Facilitate a smooth renovation and watch your vision become reality.

plan-remodelFirst, determine exactly what is to be modified. Often, remodeling a certain room will likely affect the connecting spaces as well. It is this domino effect of how one change affects another that one must consider when planning accordingly.

Have you mapped out your budget for the remodel? Did you factor in taxes and fees? How much can you spend? You need a firm dollar amount to work with. Will you need to vacate the premises at any point? There are costs outside of actual construction that need to be understood. If you are working with a designer, stress the importance of taking all expenditures into consideration.


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What use will the remodeled area serve? Is the intent to accommodate the desire to entertain many guests, just a few, or none at all? Is it the ultimate ‘man cave’ or a romantic after-date destination? If the kitchen is the center of attention, is it because you expect people to dine there? Contemplate all possibilities to ensure whatever choices you make are conclusive and fulfilling.

Settle on a design style. You have a world of appealing options at your disposal; from modern, contemporary, traditional, etc… Also, consider accessibility options. Do you need to include them? Is anyone among your family and friends disabled? If so, implementing a barrier-free space now is as good as any time to start.

If you’re “Green” you’ve likely already incorporated environmentally-conscious measures into your plan. Increased energy efficiency and sustainable development are productive cost-effective measures that generate a return on your investment pretty quickly.


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Speaking of colors, what scheme have you decided on? That’s obviously something that will be incorporated and hopefully you’ve given it some thought. Do you prefer muted pastels? Maybe loud primaries are what motivate you. Keep your choices consistent so you can easily add accessories in the same color arena.


Do you need room for storage? Are you a hoarder? Do you have much, and are you planning to accumulate more? Having a room overflowing with stuff, or stacking storage tubs in the corner will most definitely defeat the purpose of a renovation. On the contrary, maybe you plan to minimize the available storage space to accommodate other ideas.

Also, remember that you need to consider cabinet options. Glass doors are nice but you like wood shakers, too. It’s your design of choice that will be the basis from which the style of the rest of the room is influenced. Don’t wait until your project is underway, figure it all out now.

home-remodel4Your doors, floors, walls, and ceiling will all be affected by the style you establish. Of course, you will need to determine the surface type of your materials; sleek, smooth, shiny, matte, or textured… In the case of bathroom and kitchen remodels, you may have a little fun looking at such varieties as graphic granite, durable and attractive quartz, swirly marble, etc… Choose wisely, for an astute decision will reflect the deep artistry of your personality.

If you haven’t already figured them into the new design, you’ll need to consider the fate of your existing appliances. Do they blend with the new environment, or will they need to go? Maybe the oven’s been on the fritz for months. Replace it. The matching lamps, meanwhile, were hip twenty years ago, and a throwback look is not what you are going for. But the flat screen will be incorporated, accompanied by some other modern flourishes. Finishing touches such as these make the task of renovating so rewarding. You had a vision, you materialized it, and ultimately you embellished it.

A unique concept that is true to you.


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