Revitalize Your Kitchen, Cheap & Easy!


Perfect ways to upgrade despite being on a tight budget

If you are considering remodeling your home, you’re probably thinking about the things one can do with their kitchen. After you become involved with investing in your own kitchen, you sort of become hyper aware of what others are doing with theirs. You notice the details – sometimes practical, other times flat out glamorous. At best these ideas serve to inspire us. If our own kitchens leave a lot to be desired, why don’t we do something about it? You’re not just thinking about kitchen decorating ideas. There are a number of easy and cheap ways to upgrade your kitchen that will not only revitalize it but your culinary spirit as well!Lovely-woman-in-a-lovely-kitchen

Take a look at the lighting. Is it a boring old single fixture that accommodates two or three bulbs? It’s easy to change, and a must if you’ve always been dissatisfied with it! You can find something brand new in a wild array of styles. You might even consider undercabinet light, which really seem to be on its way to becoming a regular fixture in most kitchens. A dimmer is a must, too – you need to be able to set the lighting to your specifications. If you’re of the sort that likes to do things a little differently, check out what’s available in the authentic vintage set, you could find an old decorative light fixture that really adds to the room.

Even minor changes can have a profound aesthetic change. Do you have liners on your shelf? If so, have they been changed in ten plus years? Get fresh, lay something new down. If you’re overdue to organize your cabinet what better time to insert a decorative non-stick liner? Then do the same with your drawers. Take everything out, clean the interiors, set the liners in place and put everything back newly organized and ready to inspire you with a new perspective.


Perhaps a bare floor is not quite what the doctor ordered for the kitchen. It’s cold and drafty…consider a nice rug! Especially if you have a floor that’s old, it may be in good condition but now it appears outdated and unattractive. Depending on your kitchens design you can get by with one to three rugs, of varying sizes if necessary. You’ll be surprised to see your kitchen spring to life with the incorporation of style to the floor. You may even consider redoing your flooring (one of three big choices) for your kitchen.

nice-high-arched-kitchen-faucetHow does your faucet look? Is it decades old, straight out of the ‘generics are us’ catalog? Breathe new life to the sink by upgrading your faucet. It’s a inexpensive change anyone can make, even if you live in a rental! You can always take it with you when you move! You can find excellent single handle faucets for as low as eighty dollars. But make a really special impression with a nicer high arched one by spending over a hundred. You use it all the time, it may as well make a statement- one of class! While you’re shopping for a faucet, keep an eye out for other easily replaceable hardware. You’d be surprised what a difference you can make by replacing the old knobs and pulls that are who-knows how old. There are so many colors and styles and designs – just how much ‘oomph’ you want to add in the form of cool stuff for your room is up to you!

If you’ve had the same dilapidated dollar store dish rack for far too long, switch it out with one that is heavy duty. Every kitchen needs a reliable dish rack, one that can withstand years under the weight of a variety of dishware. But here’s the thing, find a design that actually complements the kitchen’s established décor. It may not make a bold statement but it won’t stand out like pink plastic on a marble countertop either!

And – along the same lines – swap out the light switch plates. Whether they’re the standard white ones that get dirty easily and turn off-white, or even the stainless steel ones that get dirt-stained – you could make a noticeable improvement. You can even go fancy if you desire. The wooden ones are possibly the best for contributing to a warm environment. Pick one in an alluring finish and see the difference!stained-wood-light-switch-plate

You can even create additional storage with small wire shelves or baskets that you can install beneath your cabinets or in a variety of ways that will help you maximize space by making use of the areas that are seldom used. You may even hang a trio of descending sized baskets in which to store your fresh fruits and veggies. What storage ideas for small spaces do you have?
a-cutting-board-and-matNow, you may be stuck with ugly counters. There really aren’t any effective ways to replace them inexpensively but if you were considering redoing your countertops, be sure to educate yourself on what your options are. In fact, it’s a reasonably major project. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them entirely. Just cover the majority of a certain countertop area with an attractive cutting board. You might even consider painting the counters or simply covering them appropriately with towels or even a nice placemat or two. Whatever it takes – use your imagination. You can likely come up with an original idea or two of your own that will add positive factors to your kitchens visual overhaul!


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