A Trend of Grand Proportion

large open kitchen cage lights

For housewares, BIG is currently BETTER

Recent exhibits at kitchen and bath industry shows had them in common – and industry professionals agree – going oversize in the home is the new ‘in’ thing to do. Lights, prints, islands and hardware that are larger than average are enjoying new popularity in modern homes. More than ever, designers are taking a bold approach with home decorating ideas and they’re becoming successful at making even small spaces appear larger than life. It’s an idea anyone can get behind for their own kitchen. It’s easy and fun.

Start with oversize lights. The popularity of larger pendants has been growing consistently. You can forgo cheesy crystals or other sorts of glitz, oversize pendants alone can create all the drama you could want. A few of them of basic shape but of large scale can be an impressive image above the island, dining table or entryway – wherever you think they’ll work best. If you don’t want your oversize lights to block a view, consider ones with a lot of negative space. A hollow outline construction, for instance, that encloses a much smaller shade will still have the same powerful effect without being as obtrusive.

large-dandelion-light-chandelier Another fun element to work with are prints and patterns that of course have to be larger than usual. You can seek out such oversize patterns or you can have them customized. Choose one that is undoubtedly eye catching and serves to make the room look small in comparison, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed but it. Strive to strike that balance.eye-catching-large-oversized-wallpaper-art

A large island can provide ample space for cooking and prepping, and even allows you to gather with the family and dine on it. You can have one that actually extends to an adjacent space beyond the cabinets lines. You could nix the dining nook to make room for an even larger island of grander multi-function design.

Of course you’ll increase the comfort for you and your guests with big seating. It’s a great contrast to stuffing in as many compact pieces as possible. Sometimes you just want one or two seats large enough for real comfort. By picking bigger chairs but having less of them, or one really accommodating sofa, you can increase the feel of greater space and that will make you and your guests want to make more use of it. You’ll probably reduce the amount of space to move around, but once everyone is seated and comfortable it’s ideal for a round of binge watching.large mirror in living room

Imagine that powerful statement you can make in interior design by choosing the perfect work of art and showcasing it in a single oversize piece. It’s much more effective than a scattering of smaller ones. If you can choose one image, dress the wall with it and make use of basic beauty.

Other wall décor ideas include giant mirrors that can have a similar effect to oversize art, plus they give the illusion of greater space. A oversize mirror with a black frame can supply a feel of culture and elegance as it expands your line of vision to make the room feel larger. A large round mirror may be more effective than a square one as it quells any harsh edges.

With an abundance of flooring types to choose from, pick the one you prefer and get it in large format tile. Whether it is porcelain, wood or stone, bigger tiles will make a statement while grounding the space. Naturally, it also reduces the amount of grout, and makes the floor seem seamless for the most part. Large stone tile or wood planks are also effective, and provide a wonderful texture thanks to their natural decorative character.

Meanwhile you can’t have a small table swallowed up by this grand affair. Sure, a larger dining table may restrict room for milling about, but it doesn’t matter when everyone is settled in and quite comfortable. There’s plenty of room for an impressive food layout, games and easy socializing. Save a bit of space by pushing the table against a wall, opening up one side to an extra foot or two of space, while you can still get in and out without issue.

What can be more dramatic than giant stone slabs? There is no doubt – they make for a seriously impressive visual in the bathroom and shower. Imagine a single wall covered by just one or two large slabs. It’s a high end look that works well regardless of the material you choose. You can go seriously dramatic with texture, but an evenly subdued route is equally as strong.giant stone slab in restroom

Lastly, throw in some oversize rugs to complete the theme. Ideally, you have one that is large enough to sit beneath every piece of furniture. If you can find another that practically fills the room – that’s perfect. If it is so properly sized like that, it will appear to be perfectly tailored and expensive. You’ll end up with a complex and stately image, one that conveys the splendor of a grand manor, somehow contained to your modest home.



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