When Window Frames Need Replacing


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All homeowners are eventually approached about replacing their windows. But do the ones in your home actually need to be replaced? It’s very possible – You may have warped window frames. The seal between the two panes of glass of double paned windows may be failing, or perhaps your existing windows have become entirely difficult to open (the likely result of a shift in the home’s foundation). Most commonly it’s an inability to get the windows to seal properly. You can try everything, but if nothing is effective you’re going to be letting cold air in during the winter (and vice versa in summertime). This causes unhealthful drafts and ultimately affects your bank account for the cost of excessive climate control bills.destroyed-rotting-wooden-window-frame-needing-replacement

When it comes to replacing your windows you’re going to want to do a bit of research to determine those which are the best corresponding frames to choose. Ultimately they need to be right for your home, but they should be appealing to your eye as well. You can go for an all new and exciting look with black window frames (a trend that’s growing steadily) or simply keep them the same as they’ve been in your home. Or, they can be the ideal home designs answer to fancy trim.

We are here to help. We have narrowed down the five most common and popular window frames from a larger compiled list. At least one of these should comfortably suit your needs:

1. Aluminum

The most affordable option is certainly among the most common. It is solid and durable, so the fact that it is also lightweight makes for a combination that many find exceptional. But there’s a drawback. Aluminum conducts heat too quickly thereby making it among the worst insulators out there. They are not energy efficient, and in common opinion, not very attractive. However, the aforementioned black window frames are particularly popular in aluminum.aluminum-window-frame-replacement-painted-black

2. Composite

A unique combination of aluminum and wood (or vinyl and wood) makes up the structure of composition frames. These are popular for being extremely stable and energy efficient. Visually they can be designed to fit just about any motif. Of interest is the fact they need little to no maintenance. They’re not often chosen for new homes because their high prices are cost prohibitive. It may be an expense your home just doesn’t need, you could want to consider the cost before making the investment

3. Vinyl

Vinyl window frames are actually among the most popular of them all, they are available at very affordable price points and they need very little maintenance. Plus, they look nice all year long. They can be particularly energy efficient, especially when filled with insulation (thereby making them superior to regular frames). Another advantage is vinyl’s inherent moisture resistance. Vinyl does have limitations, as in with is appearance. It’s only available in a small number of colors. Black window frames in vinyl are a newer option that’s catching on, but white is the most commonly purchased. They’re not for everyone, there are those who believe vinyl has a cheap and unattractive appearance.


4. Fiberglass

Wonderfully durable – perhaps more than any other frame – fiberglass frames are stronger than vinyl and it is more fade and crack resistant than many of its counterparts. Another plus is the unlikelihood for it to expand and contract. It is a competitor to be your best energy efficient option as it provides exceptional thermal performance. You’ll find that it is generally pricier than vinyl, and requires more maintenance. You can repaint them, and they will need it eventually.

5. Wood

Wood window frames have always been popular. Their styles have been considered greater than the other types. There’s a certain elegance that comes with wood, a very traditional choice that can be made to match the interior and exterior décor. It’s also a naturally excellent insulator appreciated for their inherent energy efficiency. Some are put off by the maintenance wood requires, all of the staining and sealing that is eventually necessary. Without proper upkeep, however, it will be more prone to mold, rot and insect infestation. Wood is also the most expensive option – not without good reason. It is the most traditional beautiful and efficient type of frame material available.beautiful-stained-wooden-window-frames

There you have it, the most popular types of window frames out there. Once you’ve successfully replaced them all in your home, make sure they match with your sliding glass door or patio doors!


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