Luck of the Spare


Making the most out of a spare room

Have a spare room? Consider yourself the envy of many! There’s so much that can be done with an empty room, but if you’re at a loss, allow us to make some suggestions!

Let’s take a few matters into consideration: How many people live with you? Do you have children? Whatever your answer, if you’re unsure of how to best make use of this room, you likely have the freedom to do with it as you choose.

Naturally if you have young children and you don’t already have them spoiled or entirely toy-room-for-children-spare-room-houseaccommodated, you could turn the space into their own “Fun Zone” playroom. It may be a great alternative to tripping over Matchbox cars and Barbie dolls that happen to get strewn about in other rooms. Confine the madness – designate a room JUST FOR TOYS. What kid won’t love – and appreciate – THAT concept?!

On the other hand, it could be a BIG kid’s room! Move the garage band into the interior comfort of the home! A music room is perfect for musicians of all calibers, you can hang guitars from the walls, set up your PA strategically, a drum set between the speakers, lay down a bohemian style carpet or rug… just the thing for the uplifting experience of playing live music!


If you don’t have use for a music room, you can create a space that appeals to musicians and people of all walks of life – a private bar! Bingo. Do it with class and you’ve got yourself a cool little hideaway worthy of the patronization of the Rat Pack. It’s perfect for impressing guests, and a lot of fun saying, “Let’s go to the bar” – from just yards away!

If you’re the type that has always preferred the intellectual atmosphere of a coffeehouse over the unpredictability of a bar, then why not indulge that sensibility by making yourself a reading room? Cover the walls with bookshelves and fill ‘em up as much as you can. A lot of people regret that the volume of their book collection is more than they can display, this is the best way to appreciate them all – at your reach and not packed away!library-at -home-cozy-bookworm-office

Not much of a departure from the peace of a reading room is a space dedicated solely to contemplation. We all need to be alone with our thoughts from time to time, some of us more than others. A private place to relax undisturbed could be just the ticket, it promotes quiet and mental health. For best results have a ‘no cell phone’ rule for the area!yoga-room-mat-exercise

From a place to abandon your senses to one to indulge them – an art studio is the ideal outlet for the creative individuals who just need to express themselves. Neutral wall colors typically work best to promote inspiration, much like a blank canvass! Simply arrange a comfortable chair with easels close to a window, if possible.

Maybe you prefer physical comfort over self-expression. In that case, a spa room is just the ticket. Set up a massage table and whatever other accessories are typical to the art, and have the professionals come to you. Instead of driving out of town for a massage or facial, experience the extreme of luxury with never leaving the home!

If your idea of relaxation is simply sleeping in comfort, why not make a sleep room, coffee-center-day-coffee-table-kitchen-sectiondesigned to create the ideal atmosphere for facilitating your trip to dreamland? No TV, no phone… you are getting sleepy…

…and when it’s time to awake, what better than a quick stop to the coffee room? That’s right, turn that room into a 1990’s Seattle coffee house (like the ones that spawned Starbucks!). All that’s needed is space enough for a coffee maker, storage and a water source (if possible). A refrigerator would be cool, and of course you’ll want to house it all in a warm rustic wooden environment.

But perhaps the most obvious use of the room is to indulge your geek side! Maybe Star Wars is your passion. It’s certainly not difficult to find all sorts of cool items to decorate with – especially if you already have a collection! Or maybe a certain sports team is your passion, turn the room into a shrine to them complete with a TV to watch the games! Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a listening room dedicated solely to Morrissey and the Smiths…

However you choose to make use of the spare room, don’t take it for granted. It’s an opportunity to do something positive for yourself or someone else.


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