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Nine tips for home revitalization

With winter here, you’ll want to think about how to lighten the mood of the coming months. You don’t want to be trapped in a gloomy haze that you could be naive to. You do want to rethink the interior of your home. You can’t feel confined, it’s not good for your mind or body. By implementing a few Feng Shui principals inside, you’ll create a positive atmosphere, one that fortifies the spirits of yourself and those around you.

1. No Squeaks

Of all the doors in the home, it is the main entry that is most necessary to keep silent. If it creaks and squeaks it could very easily well affect your mood and sense of well-being. It could subconsciously rattle you. All you must do is oil the hinges and you’ll find that entering and leaving your home is much more pleasant. Do this to all noisy doors in your home.entrance

2. Use the Front Entrance

In today’s modern jet setting lifestyle many people use their radio controlled garage door openers and drive up their driveway and into the garage from where they enter the home. Sure, it makes sense – it’s easy. However, from a Feng Shui perspective this may prove to limit positivity for you. The main entry represents how chi (our vital life-force energy) enters your life. With it comes good energy and opportunity. Use your front door as often as possible. Do it always if you can, even when you leave to get your mail. Just incorporate it into your routine.

3. Placement of the Fountain

In Feng Shui, water is wealth. There is even such thing as a Feng Shui fountain. It’s important to have one and where you put it is equally profound. Near the entry of your home is best, just inside or even right outdoors. Here’s the thing – the water should always flow toward the center of your home. This is said to equate to wealth and opportunity spilling into your life.fountain

4. Fix Dead Space

Above most cabinets is a blank space that attracts dust and the negative energy of stagnation. The chi gets stuck there and adversely affects the progress you make in life. If you have such a space it’s easy to make the proper adjustments. Ideally, place flourishing live plants there. Very realistic fake ones will do, as will beloved objects, knick knacks of a sort that will serve to brighten the room. You’ll find that dead energy is transformed into positivity immediately.

5. Close the Bathroom Door

The primary thing to be concerned about when it comes to the bathroom is how water flows out and away from the home in there. Remember water is wealth and we don’t want our fortunes flushed away. Yes, it’s ok to believe that water (and what it represents) does come back in as it’s drained (as in a flush) but to be safe keep the toilet seat cover down and the door to the bathroom closed whenever it is not in use.

6. The Bed’s Location

To place important furniture such as the bed, Feng Shui uses what is known as the “commanding position”. You spend so many hours sleeping passively the time investment makes the bed possibly the most important piece of furniture to be set in the commanding position. To do so you want to face the door, yet not in line with it, while lying in bed. It is best to be diagonally across from the door. If this is not possible, simulate the effect by using easily movable free standing mirrors. You can set them up perfectly for an equally effective illusion.bed placement

7. The TV

In this day and age it is not unusual to have a television in your bedroom. But, if you find that you have difficulty getting to sleep, it may be due to the active energy emanating from the device. The electronic aspect of the TV can be disruptive to the calming and quiet energy that fosters peaceful sleep. Simply cover your television at night. Throw an attractive scarf or fabric over it and enjoy a freer and liberating atmosphere. Another possibility is having an entertainment center.  Some entertainment centers and TV armories can be made out of kitchen cabinets as they do have alternative uses… and they look good too!

8. Clean Windows

If your cleaning person “doesn’t do windows”, then you have to. It’s important. They symbolize your eyes to the outside world and you want to see all and experience everything the universe has to show us. As often as possible clean your windows. You can even use an old newspaper and vinegar to clean away the dirt and clear your view while brightening your space.

9. Clear Space

white sage
It’s all about burning off old energy. Homes retain an powerful ‘footprint’ of those who have inhabited the spaces. It’s good to do space clearing to bring in fresh and new chi. There are various methods for doing this. One is to smudge (burn) palo santo or white sage. Palo santo is light and good for daily use. White sage is as heavy as needed for extreme space cleaning. You may also try spraying natural orange oil with water – it serves to elevate your mood. Whatever methods you assert, always imagine a space dominated with positive energy – it will go a long way to helping you be of content mind and prosperous virtue.


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